My opinion: when I was a kid I was playing games like a madman, I was speed running through battlefield or CoD with ease and made the best out of every round. But then I was good with good reflexes and reaction time, you know why? because back then I did only this, now I have a job + things to pay + groceries + social life + master degree, i barely have time to play and I stick mostly with single players due to being casual friendly and more enjoyable, I do not play anymore to be competitive, I play to relax my mind and have some good time.
01:01 12/May
It's a well documented fact. But I think it's more relevant for pro gamers who are touching up against the skill ceiling because they play all day everyday. For most normal people practice is probably a bigger factor.
01:02 12/May
Absolutely worse at video games. Games I used to blow through and speed run as a kid I just can't do anymore. Also trying to see in some of the more modern filters on games is really straining on my eyes. Even with glasses. I'm basically now a casual because I just don't react well enough to be competitive
01:03 12/May
I think it's simply related to the fact that you spend less time on games. Simply because one has more responsibility and has to prioritize certain things over others. So in a sense the header is correct but it does give the idea that rather than growing up it's more based on age. Which shows just again how media likes giving the wrong suggestions for more views, which equals to more revenue. Tldr: It's imo more about growing up. Media uses dubious headers to get more viewers. Sucks overall
01:04 12/May
Science is wrong
01:05 12/May
most of the world best cs go pros are over 24 and still kicking while the game is very demanding on reaction time and quick thinking
01:06 12/May
Only get better with age.
01:07 12/May
Yeah, because now that i am 24 I actually have other responsibilities that require my time, like work, errands, girlfriend. So yes I maybe getting worse at video games, but at least I have a life.
01:08 12/May
I think the issue is as a kid all I did was play multiplayer games all day and night, now when I have the time to game im banging out single player indie games and sandboxes m I'm just not as good as I used to be.
01:09 12/May
The 2 times ,,,,1993 And 1994 block buster video games champion... the name... ladies and gentlemen.. respect spect spect..
01:10 12/May
neh i´m 38 play with friends wich are 20+ and two of them are better than me (no school, no jobs, no girls, just games, of course they play all day) But with make great games, my aim is not in somehow worse, play cs, in a team, now having a blast winning games in apex, don´t notice a great difference except than before i could play a lot more than now. Still most of guys of my age are bad as fuck, i think they play with no real concentration on the game. Of course younger ages are some advantage but if you are bad in games maybe you always be a lousy player, but before it was easy for you not to see it.
01:11 12/May
As with anything its up to the person in question. Statistically yes. But some people hit their peak later than others. And some manage to keep their form longer. Just take a look at Buffon for instance.
01:12 12/May
Well young people tend to have more time to git gut I guess. Other than that I don't feel the need to compete in ranked matches anymore, since real life is enought competition for me. So I play games for relaxing purposes.
01:13 12/May
Yeah compared to when I was about a decade younger, I am now terrible at videogames. I still play them, as there's a number that can be enjoyed at any age.
01:14 12/May
probably true, but if you are reading this, Alex Valle will probably beat you in a game of Street Fighter.
01:15 12/May
48 here, still a huge gamer. Been on wows & sniper elite all day while herself was out. I’d say I’m about the same as I ever was if not a little slower as having a family and house dogs the lot means I can’t spend all day gaming like I used to... but I reckon I’ll won’t be short of games to play when I retire
01:16 12/May
when i in high school, i can play yuri revenge, versus 7 brutal enemies in "fastest" setting . and win under 17 minutes, now i very happy if i can win under 22 minutes in "fast" setting.
01:17 12/May
I guess no time to play makes you worse
01:18 12/May
38 years here, and it's bullshit, I'm as bad now as I was with 18
01:19 12/May