May May May May ....
“May” have benefits
Yeah, bit how much do you have to eat to get those benefits.
It steals my cholesterol
Overall metabolic biology and internal microfauna can differ somewhat from person to person. That's why dietitians exist as a profession and why there isn't any such thing as a 'universally healthy diet'.
That means that there is 1 paper saying one thing, and 1 paper saying another. Take the best example, echinacea. There are numerous researches showing that it helps with boosting immune system and just as many, if not more, papers saying that it is useless. Well, science say it may help with flu is a valid statement in this case.
just click bait, people know the value of scientific data so the writers want to put the phrase there to convince the public this article is actually scientific, but since they dont really have the scientific articles to support their bad recommendations they end up saying nothing, if an article found that a very insignificant difference is produced by using something this is usually included in the conclusions of a scientific paper as not indicative of anything, but the writers of this kind of articles choose to interpret it as "possible" benefit. there is no such thing.
It just means that there is always this 1 special guy
There's evidence for everything if you look hard enough. Thats why instead of searching garbage like this 1) Find a scientific article from Google scholar from a reputable Journal. 2) If articles are saying different things, look for a systematic review on that topic.