Basically Dankest Dungeon DLC
dammit now I want an isekai about living as a mosquito. Extremely odd this may be, this would be done quite in an awesome manner with plenty of great mechanics for example: there exist deceases and some may kill you but if someone dies as a result of your bite, you gain some xp and so you spread deceases across the world, even search for stronger viruses, EVEN manipulate migration of people, start wars and all of that by utilizing who gets which decease and in extreme cases writing stuff out of sand/grain for people to see as a messenger of god but lol that's just you trying to doom humanity to get more xp. The skill try could also be quite epic. Aside from the usual physical traits like resistance, mobility, decease manipulation, sting, sweat, heat, movement, light sensing there would also be blood magic, parasytic mind control, curse of having your victim hear a buzzing until death You'd keep growing until one day you, a mosquito, slay dragons and gods alike