You give respect, Take respect. Hold them accountable for everything what they do from the baby times. Say no for start and Care. They adapt. And if you mess up something, say sorry, you too. Teach them how to fix behaviour not to hide.
21:22 19/Apr
That's why I don't want to have kids. I know they'll hurt my feelings, at least they'll try.
21:22 19/Apr
We all went through that phase, it's not only normal but healthy. Every father knows that one day or another he will have to deal with a grumpy teenager. Love and effort saves.
21:23 19/Apr
Decay. At some point you're not the same you used to be and they're making fun of that.
21:24 19/Apr
That why i prefer dog or cat or monke
21:25 19/Apr
Given the opinions of most teens, being cringe is kinda based.
21:27 19/Apr
Ok boomer.
21:32 19/Apr