I would say WORK! FIND WORK AND WORK! You can waste your time and study or you can WORK? WORK!!
09:20 21/Apr
After a plethora of manual labor jobs, i decided to go to college when i was 24. Don't let the future decide your fate, you decide.
09:20 21/Apr
Make the life choices you want to make. Don’t stick to doing things you dislike. You can always find a new way. Happy birthday dear ger!
09:21 21/Apr
Don't try to impress anyone. Just do things on your own pace. Success is optional, happiness is priority. Also, call your parents everyday. They might don't have much time left.
09:22 21/Apr
Treat everyone like you want to be treated.
09:24 21/Apr
I’m 23 sry don’t know ._.
09:26 21/Apr
09:30 21/Apr